15 Advanced Pinboard Tips To Get More Organic Traffic From Pinterest

All creative businesses, such as ours in the event industry, greatly benefit from using Pinterest. Remember, one of the main reasons our ideal clients go to Pinterest in the first place is to get inspiration and ideas for their own events (whether their weddings, social or corporate events) and usually this is when they are in the planning stage – the perfect time for them to learn about you and what you have to offer.

This is why I believe that Pinterest should be an important part of any event business’ marketing plan. And today we will focus on one of the platforms biggest features: the pinboards. As we all know, Pinterest is all about the pinboards. And since these boards contain the content that our audience or ideal clients are looking for we must make sure these boards are effective and that takes some planning, effort, and organization.

So here are 15 tips to make your pinboards more effective:

  1. Connect With Your Audience – It’s important that your boards make you connect with your ideal client in a way that is appealing to them. Make them feel as if they know you and you’ll win followers who will share your content with others.

  2. Appeal to Their Emotions – You want people to feel emotional in some way when they see your boards. You want them to click through because they felt something.

  3. Give Boards Keyword-Rich Names – Don’t forget to use keywords wherever possible and only if they make sense. Keywords are what will help people find your boards when they search for content on Pinterest.

  4. Make Different Boards for Different Categories – Make more boards by keeping everything categorized properly. Don’t mix up different categories together – like floral arrangements with cocktail drinks or event signage with audiovisual design; make it obvious what the viewer will find in each board.

  5. Tell Your Company’s Story – Tell the story of your business and how it got started and where you envision it going in the future. Create a board that will contain your company’s story-related content that may not fit with your other boards. For example, event tips and/or resources, blog posts, service offerings, your founder story, etc.

  6. Tell Your Personal Story – Make a board that’s all about your personal story about how you got to where you are today. This can be your behind the scenes content, how you got started, what you do on your off time, etc.

  7. Create a Social Media Board – Want people to connect with you on social media? Create a pinboard of your social media accounts so they know where to find you. Create one pin for each platform and link to it directly.

  8. Make a Quotes Board – Find quotes that you love that are relevant to your followers and ideal clients. Make a pinboard of quotes that you like and sub-categorize them within the pinboard to keep things organized.

  9. Do How-To Boards – Just like you write “how to” blog posts, you can do “how to” pinboards with the right images and linking to the right blog posts or YouTube videos. These types of pins are very popular on the platform.

  10. Give Behind-the-Scenes Information – Create a storyboard about what goes on behind the scenes of your business. Like a “day in the life” board.

  11. Set up a Services Board – If appropriate, a good way to make a board that includes all of your services or products without going against the categories is to include them on one board and then have them link to. your website for more information.

  12. Provide Excellent Board Descriptions – The area where you keep the descriptions of the boards is an important thing because that’s a place to put keywords as well as good descriptors for your ideal audience.

  13. Link to the Right Resources – Be sure to use the linking function to link to the right resources. Hopefully, these resources are on your own website and your own online real estate that you manage and own. The will help you get more leads and email opt-ins.

  14. Choose the Right Cover Picture – Create a custom pinboard cover image to help brand your Pinterest account and describe your board. Ensure it is the right size so that when the board is shared or people are viewing your boards, they can see that pin and what it says very clearly. Usually the cover image will be square.

  15. Rearrange Boards Occasionally – Most of your viewers will look at the top center and from left to right. However, many only focus on the top row, so moving them around such that some of your other boards can get attention is a very effective way to get your viewers looking at more of your boards. It’s also important to review your analytics and use this info to guide you in choosing the right boards to highlight.

Be sure to create a Pinterest strategy that helps promote each area of your business. Use creative imagery, keyword-rich descriptions, and make each board fit into one category. To get started, put at least five to ten pins in each board. Always keep them updated, move them around, and grab your audience’s interest with your creative use of pinboards on Pinterest, and you’ll soon be an advanced pinboarder too. A successful Pinterest strategy will lead to more organic traffic to your website and hopefully more clients.

I’s love to hear your thoughts on how you use Pinterest in your event business. Comment below and join the conversation over on the Grow Together Mastermind Group. See you there!

Happy Pinning!

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